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- It is worth to be on time for the first and subsequent appointments!

- For your own comfort, bring a change of shorts with you and for ladies, a vest type top or/and a sports bra.

- Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI results - if possible, please provide copies of descriptions in a paper form.

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Does the physio treatment hurts?

Every person is different. Every treatment is also unique. Physiotherapists take great care not to cause pain, but because we will work with parts of your body that are injured or have chronic pain, some treatment techniques can cause a degree of discomfort, especially in initial sessions.

How long it take to recover?

The regeneration process is not equal for everyone and time needed to recover can vary. You will be provided with an individual treatment plan based on the history, character of injury and personal needs.

Do your hands are aching after all day?

Because of proper body mechanics, experience and treatment technique, I do not suffer from ache hands even after all day in the clinic.

How to be prepare?

What to expect after treatment?

You may feel a little sore and some clients feel tired.  Drink plenty of water and avoid heavy training for 12 - 24 hours.  Follow your therapists advice for the best outcomes.

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