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Physiotherapy treatment
Physio4Quality 297-301 Bearwood Rd, Bearwood,  B66 4DP

Are you looking for a physiotherapist near you in Birmingham?

Our clinic based in Bearwood provide musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment using a range of interventions, services and advices in order to restore, improve and maintain  physical potential resulting in the overall improvement in the quality of the life. 

We can help with a wide range of injuries and condition:

  • Musculoskeletal problems

  • Sports Injuries

  • All joint pain related problems i.e.

  • Myofascial trigger point pain

  • Muscle imbalances & abnormal movement rhythms.

  • Repetitive Strain injuries i.e. 
    tennis elbow/golfers elbow/shin splints

  • Posture related pain & correction therapy

  • TMJ issue

  • Post-operative Surgery Treatment

  • Nerve tissue related disorders

To get you back on the right road to recovery we use range of treatments:

MSK Ultrasound Scanning
TECAR therapy
Shockwave therapy

IASTM - Graston

IASTM instrument treatment

Spinal mobilisation and manipulation

Spinal mobilisation
Joint injection

Lymphatic drainage

Limphatic drainage



Very happy with the service. Professional and friendly approach. The theraphy worked straight away taking my back pain away. Highly recommended .


As a competitive athlete, I have been visiting many physiotherapists over the years. Mr Piotr was so far the most professional of all of them. He helped me with my hip and knee issues and I can back to performing well in my sport.
I would recommend it to anyone for sure 100%


I recently attended with an Achilles’ tendon and shoulder issues.Everything was explained, in a clear understandable way. Following several visits and a guide to what exercises to do at home, they are 100% now.

What to expect

Initial Assessment & Case History

  • Your practitioner will take you through a full assessment and case history going through your current and previous medical history to make sure that treatment and rehabilitation chosen for your recovery is the best, safest and most appropriate for you.

Physical Assessment and Examination

  • Targeted towards your individual needs and specific injury your practitioner will take you through a range of movements and special tests to identify the causes and needs for a specific injury. 

Diagnosis & Treatment 

  • Your practitioner will provide you with a diagnosis and understanding of your injury and concern as well as providing you with a plan of action for your treatment and rehabilitation. Advice regarding lifestyle changes and nutrition may also be given.

Follow-Up Treatment 

  • Depending on the injury and treatment / rehabilitation plan being prescribed follow-ups will be required and advised to achieve your goals to recover, improve and maintain your fitness and well-being.

Private Medical Insurance

We accept most major health insurance policies. However please make sure you speak to your provider before booking an appointment as policies do differ from person to person. In some cases you may need to get a referral from your GP prior to treatment as well. Private medical insurance companies include:

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