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How does it work?

Before preparing a diet plan the consultation takes place

- the initial consultation takes 1 hour and costs 50£ (including a diet plan).

Before the consultation, you will get a consultation agreement and a nutrition journal

- both should be completed and send back before the consultation date.

The nutrition journal is nothing else than notes what you are eating during the three following days.


During the consultation, you will be asked about your health, current diet, your goal, nutrition preferences such as liked/ unliked products, dishes, and a preferred number of meals during the day.


If you are struggling with any health problems, you may be asked to performing medical tests to check your medical condition.


Each diet plan is personalized and adjusted to the client's needs and preferences,

so it can be easily implemented.

The diet plan includes general advice during dieting, meals for each day, recipes, and a shopping list.

After the consultation, I'm sending the diet plan within 7 days.


A follow-up consultation to monitor the progress and make changes in the diet plan (if needed)

takes 30min and costs 40£ (diet plan included).

Nutrition advice is provided by Iwona Zieba
(Personal trainer, MSc Physiotherapist, Nutrition Advisor)

Please find a one-day sample plan below to see what you will get.


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I highly recommend Miss Iwona and her diet plan! Only positive!
I came to Mrs. Iwona very accidentally and I am grateful for the coincidence because for 5 weeks I have been on a nutritional plan created especially for me by a very professional nutritional advisor.
Thanks to the 1500 cal diet and 5 meals a day, I completely changed my approach to nutrition. Each week I've lost 1 kg of weight, today it is 5 kg. I feel great, I am very determined and full of energy. The awareness that I have Iwona as a motivator worked twice. The diet is delicious, my family also often uses my treats, and the most important thing is that I am not hungry and I feel good physically. I recommend a lifestyle change, don't postpone it until next Monday, because you will never start, start today. Thank you and I recommend it!

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I highly recommend cooperation with Iwona Zięba, who is always helpful. Contact with her is great and she answers all questions. She showed full professionalism in her work, adjusting a varied diet to my high needs. Recipes rich in nutritional values, easy to prepare, and very tasty at the same time. Her diet showed that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and sterile. I honestly and sincerely recommend  Iwona's services.

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