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Meet our team

Iwona Zieba

I’m an MSc of physiotherapy,  Personal Trainer and Nutrition advisor. I decided to combine my passion for sport with professional work to help others, and my education is extremely useful in this regard.


As a personal trainer, I have a comprehensive approach to my clients, meaning not only training but a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. I try to educate my clients and inspire them with a passion for physical activity.


During training sessions, I put great emphasis on correctly performing the exercises pattern and exercises technique. In terms of training, I focus on functional and with free weight exercises. 


In my work, I help people to improve their health, lose unnecessary weight, as well as build muscle mass and shape the body.


Piotr Karcinski

I'm committed, emphatic and open-minded MSc Physiotherapist with a great passion to improve the quality of every people life.


I believe that possessing up-to-date knowledge supported by science research is crucial, that's why I started expanding my knowledge with additional specialist courses during uni, and I'm still doing it.


In my work, I focus on treating the causes, not just symptoms.

I specialize in manual therapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation, post-traumatic rehabilitation, personal medical training, as well as prehabilitation because I believe that a significant part of the problems can be prevented.


A big part of my life is related to sport, so I understand the needs and expectations of physically active people.


I have extensive experience in working with various range of patients from athletes to the elderly.


Privately, I'm passionate about personal development, sport and a healthy lifestyle

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