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Meet our team

Iwona Zieba

I’m an MSc of physiotherapy,  Personal Trainer and Nutrition advisor. I decided to combine my passion for sport with professional work to help others, and my education is extremely useful in this regard.


As a personal trainer, I have a comprehensive approach to my clients, meaning not only training but a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. I try to educate my clients and inspire them with a passion for physical activity.


During training sessions, I put great emphasis on correctly performing the exercises pattern and exercises technique. In terms of training, I focus on functional and with free weight exercises. 


In my work, I help people to improve their health, lose unnecessary weight, as well as build muscle mass and shape the body.


Piotr Karcinski

I am Piotr, an MSc Physiotherapist dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for every individual I have the privilege to serve.

With over a decade of experience predominantly in private practice, complemented by three years as a First Contact Practitioner and joint injection therapist at one of Birmingham's GP surgeries, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Continuously prioritizing professional growth, I remain at the forefront of my field through ongoing specialized training and education.

In my practice, I adopt a holistic approach, addressing root causes rather than merely alleviating symptoms and fostering sustainable wellness and recovery. Use of MSK ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-guided injections, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes with meticulous accuracy.

Specializing in manual therapy, orthopedic and post-traumatic rehabilitation, I firmly believe in the power of proactive care to prevent future issues. Drawing from my affinity for sports and active living, I possess an innate understanding of the unique needs and expectations of physically engaged individuals across all age groups.

My practice welcomes everyone, from seasoned athletes to seniors seeking improved mobility and comfort. Beyond my professional endeavours, I'm passionate about personal growth, sports, and promoting holistic health and wellness in all aspects of life.

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